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PAYMENT SENT PURCHASES AMOUNTS AGE REPAYMENT TIME YEARS AVAILABLE 0 1 3/10/2009 3/10/2015 3 13.9 2 20.1 2 3/13/2009 3/13/2015 3 4.1 1 20.3 1 3/14/2009 3/14/2015 0 3.5 3. What action is taken if there is no eligible balance and my debit card is lost or stolen? A. When your debit card is lost or stolen, you can receive a replacement credit card at no charge. If you do not request a replacement credit card within 180 days after your debit card is lost or stolen, your account will be charged interest. If you do not request a replacement card within 1 year after your debit card is lost or stolen, you will not be covered under the Lost & Stolen Protection Program. B. If you have a balance under $2,000 which is not eligible for Lost & Stolen Protection but you have received an initial debit card, you may transfer some of that balance into your MasterCard to be eligible for the replacement credit card. You may only do this with the original transaction number and expiration date on your current debit card. (See Notice 123 – Debit Card Purchase Guidelines. C. If your debit card is not available for payment, or you have a balance of under $2,000 which you are eligible to receive a substitute card, we will send a replacement card with a 0 balance to your registered address. We'll mail that replacement card within 2 business days of receiving your registration confirmation (see Notice 123 – Debit Card Purchase Guidelines). The replacement card can be used to make ATM withdrawals and purchases using your Mastercard. But, the replacement card must not be used for ATM or other purchases that cause your debit card to be cancelled. You may also request a replacement card if your debit card expires or becomes unavailable (e.g. if it was lost, stolen or destroyed). You can't transfer some of the $2,000 from you current account to your replacement account. We may limit the amount of your replacement debit card and/or provide additional information to ensure that the replacement card does not exceed the available credit limits on your current debit card. We'll ask you to provide any information about any previous transactions that could affect your eligibility for a replacement card. If you do not request a replacement card within 1 year after your debit card is lost or stolen,
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Hello there it's the bookkeeping master on YouTube welcome so much this video I have a series of videos that shows you how to create a bookkeeping spreadsheet or a bookkeeping template using Microsoft Excel it's a very good series as being received very well it takes a few videos to create the spreadsheet because it's quite extensive what the template will provide is an opportunity to post income and outgoings for a business, and then we'll also include an automated profit and loss statement so as you enter your information you'll have a second tab that will provide profit and loss information such as sales expenses and obviously your profit to start the series and watch the first video just click to the right here box should appear that says click here click on that box and start the series thank you so much for watching
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